Tempting Onion Recipes

Try our tempting recipes to taste how Goldies premium yellow onions are rich with possibilities.

At home in any recipe… especially these.

Goldies are the first yellow onion that's mildly sweet enough to eat raw, without fear of onion breath. They're also easy to caramelize, so they're great for cooking, too.

Plus, you can chop them up without tearing up or leaving onion smell on your hands. Now even kids will enjoy helping with the family meal.

Why Goldies?

Goldies are a breakthrough — a premium yellow onion unlike any other. They're full of everything you love about onions, minus everything you don't!

  • All the fresh, crisp taste
  • All the mildly sweet flavor
  • All kinds of ways to enjoy — raw or cooked
  • All the nutrition — packed with antioxidants and vitamins
  • Non-GMO
Slicing Onions
  • No tears when cutting and chopping
  • No onion breath
  • No bite or burn like other onions
  • No smelly fingers

I completely changed my mind about onions

David L.

Atlanta, GA

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